Special Hazards

When an environment is high-risk or prone to damage from traditional fire sprinkler systems, Roar Fire can design special hazard fire suppression systems to protect lives and your assets.  Special hazard systems are suitable for different applications including chemical and power plants, mines, data centres, museums or aircraft hangars to name a few.

For a gas suppression system, Roar Fire will assess what risk is being protected and give the client a design based on what we believe is the right gas for the right risk. 

Some of the special hazard fire protection Roar Fire provides:

  • Vehicle Suppression Systems
  • Clean Agent Systems
  • CO2 Suppression
  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression
  • Foam Fire Suppression Systems
  • Water Mist Fire Suppression
  • Deluge Systems
  • Water Spray/Cooling Systems
  • Switchboard protection
  • Dry pre-action systems
  • Industrial kitchen suppression systems

As well as providing new installations, Roar Fire can conduct audits on existing special hazard systems and provide a report detailing works and upgrades required, if any.  We also advise clients on synthetic greenhouse gas issues that they may have with any of their chemical based gas suppression systems.